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Midnight Glam
- 10% off!
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A Blinc.

RM5 off first item and RM 10 off the second piece! Awesome deal, no?

Mimpi (23/8-23/9)
20% discount and a Free pair of earrings!

Sweet Design Wardrobe
Sale Items from RM 20-RM50

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The Shoplifters
La'Belle Closet - Free tube with purchase of above rm 200
A Fashion Obsession
Sensual Seductionz
Jade Hwang
Dyna's Fashion,
Clearance Sales!


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A Lollipop Shop
Starting on 10 July 2008 :-
1) Purchase of RM100-119, you will get a voucher of RM10
2) Purchase of RM120-149, you will get a voucher of RM15
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Crazy Sunday Closet
Any purchase from the sales section still entitles you to collect the RM10 voucher which you can redeem for any purchase of Rm80 and above. With the preorder going on now, a voucher is just what you need to save that RM10! Wait no more babes!
*Vouchers are increased to another 3pcs, so hurry up and grab yours!

Lovely Lolitas
Cotton Story
Diva Fashionistas
Tick Tock 365
Go Gorgeous!
Sugar And Spice
All Year Round Sales!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cherish Memories , Chatterbeads & F Cup Spree (Accessories and Beauty Products)

F Cup Cookies

Ahem Ladies, you no longer have to order from singapore for one of Japan's best selling products because the F Cup Cookies is available for preorder now in this blog shop. For those ladies who do not know what this is, well it is a cookie that apparently can increase your cup size while helping you not gain weight, but loose it. It is like, too good to be true, no? However I saw the BBC radio show regarding the cookie and apparently it works! Just 2 cookies a day and plentiful of water and voila~ a cup bigger in 2 weeks! WHOA!



Item #1: Wire-wrapped glass beads earrings

Item #2: Swirly wire earrings

I am simply mesmerized when I look through their swirly wire earrings collection. Absolutely stunning, no? I am simply adore the chandelier inspired one, so beautifully hypnotizing. Tee hee.
Item #3: Bird Park

This charm bracelet is so bloody stunning! Themed bird park with beautiful and delicate charmies of birds and a bird house. However just plain silver can be quite, well, monotonous and hence the presence of the opalite beads really give the bracelet the exact glow it deserves.


Cherish Memories

Item #1: Crystal Clear

This simple and pretty bracelet piece that is easy to wear (just slip it on), easy to match, and it gives out a positive aura, no? Make your skin glow with this beautiful crystal-like bracelet.

Item #2: Love Adoration

Another pretty charm bracelet! Something pure and simple, decorated with many see through beads that twinkles under the light. Note the lock, it is in the form of a heart and arrow! Super cute!

Item #3: Dainty Girls -Snowy

This bracelet is a very interesting piece. It is pulled together by one large, mother bead, followed by little pearls and mini beads. Very intricately designed, your wrist is going to the steal the show.

Triple Hearts & Ancient Orchids

Ancient Orchids

Item #1: Happy Mary Simple Top

Off shouldered t-short top, simple and nice. Pair it with leggings and sandals or Converse for that lazy day look.

Item #2: Purrfectly Smooth

I love this layered metallic piece. Check out the strap, it is made out of faux fur and the best part is that it is detachable! Whoa, now that is cool! Love how the model pair it with high waist skirt, giving it that formal, yet sexy and casual enough to be worn on a night out with friends. Hot!

Item #3: The Gladi-Orchid

When I first saw this I almost fainted. Omg gorgeous! This gladiator tribal inspired high heeled shoe is stupendous! Sexy and chic, probably the sexiest pair of gladiators out there. Lova love it!
Oh, and it is comfortable AND cheap. I mean CHEAP.


Triple Heart

Item #1: Something Juicy!

Enjoying the summer? I know I am going to miss the Malaysian weather. I love the hot summer weather, I am weird I know. But with this kind of weather you have the excuse to dress down as much as possible! I love this t-shirt how it embraces the hot sweaty summer weather by eating watermelon! Super cute, no? *salivating*

Item #2: Zara Bling Tee

Another branded item from them and this time it is from Zara. Gold studded bird (I presume) attached to the t shirt, giving it the beautiful Egyptian goddess contrast. Imagine standing under the glistening sun, you will be shinning - literally! tee hee.

Simplycity & Fashion Robot

Fashion Robot

Item #1: Sonia's Summer

Simple and plain summer halter dress. I totally love this piece, the cutting, the poofiness, and how it capture the essence of summer so well. Makes you want to wear a straw hat and run through a field of sunflowers.

Item #2: The Grrr Corset Dress

For a more sexy glamorous look, this corset dress is definitely eye catching and gorgeous. Go for the classy look by pairing it with flats or pumps, with a glitzy gold clutch, or opt for sexy chic by wearing strappy stilettos and accessorize with thick bangles. Sexy yet classy, so stylishly versatile, no?

Item #3: Pixie Love

This soft pink ballerina pixie dress is such a breathtaking piece. Absolutely gorgeous. It has both the element of casual and classy. Wear it on a day out with snickers or flats for the edgy Lilly Allen look, or pair it with heels for a more demure and subtle beauty.



Item #1: Must-Have Summer Dress

We all seen this one in the form of a long maxi dress, now you can get the shorter version from this shop! Pretty, fun, and so summerly, wear this with flip flops on a casual day out!

Item #2: Vintage Chiffon Dress

This elegant vintage summer dress is such a beauty! I totally digging the whole cut, how it accentuate the bodyline so perfectly. It gives you the ideal body shape, no?

Item #3: Off-Shoulder Striped Top/Dress

Body fitting jailbird off shoulder top, sexy and street chic. Pair this with heels and you will be looking kicking hot. Great top for clubbing too, sexy but not trashy!

Midnight Glam & Vintage Auction

Vintage Auction

Another new vintage shop! Not officially opened yet but I can see that the clothes, although only a sneak preview, are going to be looking totally biddable! Officially opening tomorrow(28/8), get ready to auction ladies!


Midnight Glam

Item #1: Silky Green Dress

Retro monochromed circle dress, that looks totally chic and cute as a halter dress! Perhaps you are opting for a sexy tigress look? Tie the straps into a ribbon for that yummy tubie look.

Item #2: Flowery Monotone Dress

This tube floral dress is so sexy, no? It is quite a shapely piece, no? Not the big poofy and flowy type. For the glamorous down -to -earth diva look.

Item #3: Satin Bejeweled Trapeze Dress

This is a pretty Blake Lively signature tunic dress with trapeze sleeved. I love the back, where the trapezed ribbon is tied back. Pair this with high, high killer pumps, curl your hair and wear it with a hair band, and you are so ready for the night out!

Baneberry & Double Woot

Double Woot

Floetic Ring

Another update on their handmade rings by floetic. One-of-a-kind and I mean that literally! Beautiful flower painted on it, such unique pieces, no?



Item #1: Cute-sie Cute-sie

Cute babydoll top, simple and oh-so-cute! pair it with a short pants or skinnies for that sexy innocent look. They are having an opening sale and hence cheap prices too! Make use of it before it is too late!

Item #2: Elegant Boom

This beautiful tube dress with a big floral paint dabbed on the side. Simple yet so special, no? Lovely summer piece! This would look so great with flip flops and ankle bracelets!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fluffy Rainbows & Peep


Item #1: Back To School Basics

Sexy corset inspired halter neck frill top. Such a naughty secretary look, no? Pair it with denim for the sexy diva look. I love how it has lines that go down the bodice, creating a beautiful and slender looking torso.

Item #2: Back To School Basics

This is one interesting pinafore. Unlike the various pinafores sold online, this one is body fitting at the torso, and it flares open in a neat slightly tulip shaped at the skirting. Wear it as a dress it self, or street it up with a white inner top for that kewl school girl look.

Item #3: Breakfast At Tiffany's

This Audrey Hepburn inspired simple and classy dress that is timeless and a true beauty. Rather body fitting, the cut of the dress gives a very elegant curves to the body, makes you want to walk straight and tall.


Fluffy Rainbows

Item #1: Maxi Flower Dress

Pretty halterneck floral maxi. It looks heavenly on the boob area, no? Tee hee, it has a slight 1950s summer look, no? Got to say it is a body flattering piece!

Item #2: Maxi Simple Dress

For a more basic number, this beautiful and simple maxi dress that is crossed at the back for a better fit on the front. It is very gypsy inspired, makes you want to twirl around and play the tambourine, no? =)

Just Bag It & Eye Catchers (Accessories)

Eye Catchers

Item #1: Thin Weaved Belt

Ok ladies, if you missed out on many of the sold out weaved belts (selling like hot cakes!), you do not want to miss this one! Wear it around that pretty floral chiffon blouse of yours - belt it, high waist it. It gives the vintage vibe, no?

Item #2: Wide Weaved Belt

Another similar piece, but this one is thicker and you notice, no buckle. Take your pick!


Just Bag It

Item #1: Chiffon Clutch Goddess

This chiffon clutch-bag is such a beauty, no? So soft and feminine, not to mention oh-so-classy. I love the pink one, I mean, what a pretty way to stand out, no? Plus, it can be used as a casual piece too!

Item #2: Sexy, Come Zip Me Up

*gasps* This is like, I dare say, the coolest bag I have seen so far. The vertical zippers across the bag is like so insanely cool. The metallic shine of the zippers give the sexy vibe, with a hint of rock and roll chic. Yum!

Item #3: Casual Hobo

Ok, so you might want something more basic, simpler. Well this bag is just for you. Easy to pair, great for countless occasion, this basic and versatile hobo bag is going to rock your socks! Wear it over your shoulders, or sling it! Great thing about it is that it is not too bulky, a very pretty fit bag. Great bag to wear out when you are wearing something chiffoney and bohemian.

My Dressing Closet & Jujuwiwitata's


Item #1: Big Yellow School Bus

Item #2: Giraffe Fever

Item #3: Cute Blue Giraffe

Check out their latest accessory collections! Comel sial (insanely cute)right? We have the cute yellow school bus pendant, girlish polka dotted giraffe, and cute-until-can-die baby polka dotted giraffe (looks like a puppy, no?). The price? murah sial hehe. *lame, but true ok*


My Dressing Closet

Item #1: Rainbow Tunic

The retro tunic dress! Bring back the old and make it hip again. This funkilicious piece is definitely going to make you the 'girl' of the crowd. Oh, and a great excuse to accessorize yourself in funky bangles and necklaces!

Item #2: Yellow Summer Blouse

I so love this piece. It is so soft and sweet looking, no? Imagine this with shorts, or even better, high waisted shorts - It will be like one sexy-but-formal-yet-naughty look. Love the clean cut frills!!

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

Item #1: V-Top

Oo, sexy halter top! Probably an overused term, but this piece is bloody body flattering. I love the way the halter goes up from the armpit, and this accentuate the bust area. The body fitting waist line and loose pleated at the bottom gives the body a sexy hourglass figure!

Item #2: Bareback

Another sexy halter piece. this one with a slight plunging V-neck effect. Shows a hint of cleavage that is oh-so-sexy, and the stripe. Ah, such a striking piece, no?

Item #3: Classy

The elegant LBD, a simple black tube dress that accentuate the waist line and flares out at the skirting area. Makes you want to twirl around and dance all the way down the street!

Item #4: Rock In Candy

Cropped hoodie! The cutest thing is that it is not the zip type but the button type. Tee hee, very sporty and chic at the same time, no?

Petite Delight & Clothes For Fun

Clothes For Fun

Item #1: Babydoll Pockets Minidress

Ok this dress is either reserved or sold out, but there is a possibility of a restock, so mail in your orders now! Ooh, i mean how could resist the basic candy colored range of trapeze pinafores? Cute pockets alert!


Petite Delight

Item #1: Cartoons

The famous mad graphic t-shirt dress. You got to love it, it is such a casual funk, no? Wear it as a dress itself perhaps with a vest over and a hobo bag, or pair it with a waist belt. Then again, there is the skinny pants/leggings option =)

Item #2: Work or Dinner?

This one piece, pretty pink satin top is such a beauty, no? Formality, chicness, and femininity all rolled into one. You will be strutting down the street with some major style!

Vibrant Swirls & Like Seriously

Like Seriously

Item #1: Tw0-Toned Cotton V-Neck Shift Dress

Omg I love this two-toned one piece dress. Wear it with a waist belt and it looks like your pairing your basic white top with a sweet yellow high waisted skirt. Ah, love the yellow, totally!

Item #2: White and Light Blue Stripe Sheath Dress

This pinstriped Audrey Hepburn inspired dress, preppy and formal. Love how it really fit the body line well, it slims it down big time!

Item #3: Dark Salmon Long Pleated Skirt

Big flowy pleated red skirt. Long, vintage, and classy. Pair it with a basic spag top and a sling bag, you will be the Indie love child.


Vibrant Swirls

Item #1: Love Me, Love Me Not?

Pretty kimono dress, sexy and classy. Low cut to show a hint of cleavage, for the sexy, but not slutty look. I dont think I need to elaborate further on kimonos!

Item #2: Miss Barbie Love

Simple body flattering white dress, with a V-neck cut and pleats in the middle for the major slimming effect. Gives your body that ideal, voluptuous figure, no?

Item #3: Hunny Bunny

Cute floral summer dress, a great piece for your gladiators! A day out-casual dress that can also be transformed into a formal and chic piece. Just depends on how you accessorize yourself!