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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lovely Lolitas

Lovely Lolitas

Item #1: Pretty Toga Dress

Toga top is making a comeback, so ladies what are waiting for, show off that shoulder of yours with this retro printed toga dress.

Item #2: Miss Elegance

Beautiful Maxi dress that falls heavy and gives your body a beautiful hour glass figure. Pair it with gladiators for the bohemian glam look.

Item #3: Sexy Siren

Beautiful haltered maxi floral dress. Absolutely stunning and the cutting is really body flattering. Check out the back part... sexy!

French Kiss

French Kiss

Item #1: Snow White

This is really Snow Whitey, the angelic white satin looks stunning under the light and it really brings out the princess in you. The smocked waistline defines the waist, giving it the babydoll. Sweet!

Item #2: Tunique

O-la-la, zis is a errr verrry pewtifule tunique! Ok, I think I am a bit off from all the studying (right,right).Oh well, this tunique IS beautiful and interesting cutting. I love the collar, I have no idea how to describe it, but it is very nice =) Oh,oh look at the slight fold over on the tunic mini dress, kewl, no? Something casual and comfortable for a day wear!

Frozen Petalz

Item#1: The Zara Kimono Top

Whoa sexy kimono top that is an exact replica(?) from Zara! Love how it is so pleated and it looks really good at the bust area. The lower part is body fitting and that makes the top extra sexy!

Item #2: The Long Striped Cardi Pt2

The famous striped cardigans! This one slims down the body as it seems to be the body fitting type of cardi. Well, who doesn't love a good ol' cardigan?

Item #3: The Super High Waist Pinafore

Super high waist skirt! You have seen many high waist pinafores, but this one really brought high waist to another level, well the maximum mind you. The buttons are so cute, actually giving the body an illusion of longer figure.



Item #1: Eiffel, I'm In Love Necklace

Eiffel love, sigh, reminds you of that Indonesian movie "Eiffel I am In Love", no? Or Paris, je t'aime perhaps? This piece makes you wanna be in love.

Item #2: Princess Fun

Pink Babydoll top, sweet with a hint of shy innocence. Melt hearts around you with this top =)

Item #3 Sweet Elegance

A more formal, yet casual and cheerful piece. The pleats and buttoned collar will look great in high waist for the sexy formal secretary look or long skirt for the bohemian chica style.

Soul Chic

Soul Chic

This beautiful black cotton dress is sassy and cute. The big ribbon on the front gives the dress a more playful look, be quirky and fun with it!

Whoa, check this one piece top and pants out. A flash back to the 80's, where the pants are puffy on top and as it wraps around the ankles. There is something remotely sexy about this piece. It gives the body a more curvaceous figure.

Cute, innocent, and demure babydoll dress -The pleated sleeves, cute round collars, and slight poofiness of it is well, ah me so delighted... haha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Divas Fashionista

Divas Fashionistas

*All items below from Forever 21-authentic

Item #1: Cropped Vest

This sexy cropped vest is hot and it is a great way to define your best. Pair it with a tight fitting long tank top and skinnies + pump heels - Wawaviva!

Item #2: Gathered Classy Tube

Tube top that hugs the body so sexily and it really shows every inch of your body contour. The bust area is pleated that enhances the boobies.

Item #3: FF Gathered Knit dress

Babydoll mini dress that is demure yet oozing with sexiness. Imagine this dress with heels, HAWT!!

Item #4: Button Tank

Simple and basic tank top, pair it with the cropped vest and skinnies!

Item #5: Sexy Shimmering Cocktail Piece

Tunic that screams diva with its glitzy and glamorous design. Pair this with black opaque or heels for the Blake Lively look.

Item #6: Pocket Top

This tunic which also will look great as a pinafore by wearing a cute plain white shirt underneath is such an adorable, innocent piece. Pockets to hug your hands- great for photo posing!

Poppy Garden

Poppy Garden

Item #1: Halter Mini Dress With Diamante

Sexy dress with added sparkle. Sexy, elegant, and divalicious, pair this with a nice pair of heels and clutch and you are ready to impress!

Item #2: Stripy Buttoned Down Cardigan

Long striped cardigan, which add a more casual-street vibe and hey, cardigans ladies, who can resist it?

Item #3: Back-To-Basic Knitted Cardigan

More cardigans from them but this one is more of a basic, skinny cardigan design. It is fitting when button and not only that it have a sash attached. So when you want to wear your cardigan unbuttoned, tie back the sash, so it will look more fitting and sexy. However if your want to button it up, tie the sash to the front.

Item #4: Boyfriend Short With Stripes

The boyfriend shirt is a trend still going strong for a while. I mean what is more sexier than a woman in a men's clothing?Pair it with a buckle belt and mini skirt or long denim.

Item #5: Sugar Babydoll Knitted Top

Cute and simple tunic that is comfortable and not too loose to the extend that it makes you look pregnant. Pair it with shorts, minis, or skinnies.


Absolutely. Irresistible

Item #1: Candy Stripes +Buttons

Remember this candy striped tube top which is a hot seller? Well grab yours now here selling at a reasonable price!

item #2: Champagne Satin

Satin tube top that is smocked at the back for a better fit. This champagne colored beauty is definitely sexy and very body flattering as it hides all the wrong places and brings out all the right ones!

Enchanting Hearts

Enchanting Hearts

Item #1: Floral Maxi Dress

Ladies, if you missed out on this popular maxi dress, fret not! They are bringing it to you and it is restockable! Gorgeous floral piece that will cheer your body up, heh.

Item #2: Ruffled Dress

Ruffled dress that is slight ly tight fitting. One word for it- secretary-sexy. Great to be paired with high waist skirt for the formal office look or a dress for a flaunt your curves, sexy vixen piece.

Item #3: Flowy Top

Basic top with a slight butterfly sleeved effect. Simple, nice and easy to be paired.

Ooh Dammit!

Ooh Dammit!

Item #1: Moda by Victoria Secret

From Stitch Project, this pre-loved shop sells branded goodies at a low, affordable price. Check out this black satin top by Victoria Secret. Do I need to even elaborate more on how sexy it is and how it can turn even a straight girl on?

Item #2: Chiffon Kimono Dress

Beautiful floral kimono top with tie back sash. Pretty and classy and CHEAP (as in price).

Item #3: Ripcurl Bikini

Rip Curl Bikini selling for a very reasonable price! I love the whole color combination of it, it reminds me of the Carribean somehow. Suitable for those towards the skinnier side.

Item #4: Topshop Moto Denim Jacket UK6

This denim jacket from Moto, Topshop is kewl and stylish. A fierce piece honey, grab yours now before it is gone!!

Soak Republic

Soak Republic

From Top: Item #1: Crazy Rebonding Gang Item #2: Superheros!

Aw check out this cute collection to coolified your phones and bags. The triba men with rebonded hair (lol) are so ...cute! Oh, oh... check out the Ultraman and Spidey!! Hey, you are never too old for stuff this kewl, ok. ;)

Item #3 & 4: Necklaces

Their necklace collections are definitely one of a kind, loud, yet easy to match. Pair it with tunics for the subtle bohemian look. These long necklaces ae such a head turner!

Item 5&6: Earrings

Whoa, these earrings are super hot! I love the second one especially because it is big, it is dangling and it is intricate. Yes I love big earrings.

Item #7: Hair Clips

*Gasps* It took me a while to actually get what the object is. At first I was like, huh, Zippers?! But then after a closer inspection I realized those are hair clips! OMG, how awesome is that? Now your hair can be as kewl as you now ;)

Sensual Seductionz

Sensual Seductionz

Item #1: D' Essentialz

Sexy satin tube dress that comes with a buckle smell. Unleash the dominatrix in you with this fierce piece!

Item #2: D' Sensualz

Summer floral halter top that looks oh-so-great at the bust area and as it flares down, it makes the lower torso look great too!! Oh, tie the string to the front and transform it into a sexy tube dress.

Item #3: Floral Dress

Simple floral smocked dress that is body flattering. A very girl-next-door dress - sweet and demure.

Baby Hoop

Baby Hoop

Item #1: Polka Dottie

This polka dotted bag with chained sling is simple, chic, and so cute! A great bag for those who carries minimal items around!

Item #2: Butterfly Tube

Check out this cute Sport bra-ish butterfly top. Great to be worn as inner tube under low cut tops, or wear it with the tops that show off your sexy back, so you can show off that butterfly!

Item #3: Topshop Stylish WHite Mini

Buttoned up mini skirt from Topshop! If you are a UK 10, this is a great item to consider! A very sexy tight, flaunt your butt piece.

A Fashion Obsession

A Fashion Obsession

From Top:
Item #1: Ruched Button Top
Item #2: Ruched Mini Dress
Item #3: Keyhole Kimono

Check out this same cloth that is made into 3 different designs! One is a tube, the other is a mini spag dress and the last one is a kimono top. Now that is kewl!!

Item #4: Splash Of Paint

Simple and pretty tube dress that is very body flattering and casual enough to be worn as a day dress, elegant enough to used as a dinner dress, and sexy enough for clubbing.

Item #5: Summer Dream

Check out this popular Korean piece. It can be used as a tube dress which looks absolutely stunning or as a long bohemian skirt. Love the color gradient.